Serviced offices in Cracow

Business development can be understood as a sale process outsourcing solution. With us, you will have a team of experienced and dedicated salesmen at your disposal. Their task is to make a number of outbound calls on your behalf (cold calling) and find potential clients, ready to meet you or your account manager during a face to face meeting. This service allows to save precious time and dedicate your effort to interested, potential clients only.

How does this service really looks like?

  • We discuss your sales plans,
  • define your target group,
  • prepare a sales call script,
  • make hundreds of calls (cold calling),
  • appoint you or your account manager with clients,

What’s the added-value?

  • Fixed-cost decrease (employment, office space and equipment),
  • Workforce rotation decrease,
  • Decreasing workload of your sales department by narrowing down their responsibility to working with interested clients only,
  • Flexibility of sales activities,
  • Increasing sales department overall efficiency.



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