Company formation

Our services will let you fully focus on your core business start-up activities, letting the company formation to an experienced lawyer. LLP registration process last approx. 4- 6 weeks, sole-trader registration process can be completed in one day.

The below-mentioned costs do not include compulsory, public charges like National Court Register, Judicial Monitor publication and other optional costs e.g. obtaining permissions for certain business activities.

ServicePrice net (+23% VAT)
Sole trader registration500 zł
LLP registration2 000 zł
LP registration2 000 zł
LLP+LP pair registration3 000 zł
Joint stock company registration3 000 zł
Private foundation with business activity registration2 000 zł

Sole trader business registration includes:

  • Filling an application to the Central Registration and Information on Business (plus REGON, NIP, ZUS forms)
  • Filling a stemement to ZUS on preferential social security rate
  • Consulting the client on documents and procedures
  • Plaing forms at relevant offices on behalf of the client

Commercial company formation service includes:

  • Producing articles of association, appointing the notary
  • Filling National Court Register application (KRS) with schedules
  • Filling tax identification number application (NIP)
  • Filling statistical office identification number application (REGON)
  • Filling a non-emplyer statement to ZUS
  • Consulting the client on documents and procedures
  • Placing forms at relevant authorities

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