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OmniOffice | Manage your business at the highest level

OmniOffice - Your office space in the center of Warsaw.

If you are looking for an office space in the center of Warsaw, then you've come to the perfect address - and even three addresses. OmniOffice is the company that offers you three prestigious offices in three premium class office buildings in the center of Warsaw. We offer both a small office at Marszałkowska Street 111, a comfortable space in Powiśle district at Zajęcza Street 15 and exclusive offices on two floors of Q22 office building at Jana Pawła II Avenue 22. OmniOffice gives you full support of your business - equipped, ready to work offices, virtual offices with full correspondence handling, telephone lines, as well as conference rooms prepared to make your meeting with the client in the best possible atmosphere.

  • office spaces in the center of Warsaw
  • office from 10m2
  • short and long terms of contract

  • prestigious address for your company
  • full mail handling
  • discount for rental of conference rooms

  • conference rooms in the center of Warsaw
  • reception service during meeting
  • also comfortable rooms for hourly rental


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  • Co-working
  • LTD’s for sale
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OmniOffice | Manage your business at the highest level

Offices for rent at a good price

To fully support your business, we have prepared an offer that includes not only comfortable, comprehensively equipped offices for rent in high class Warsaw office buildings. We offer you work-ready, prestigious office space, above all at exceptionally competitive prices and on attractive terms. This includes flexible lease time (even for one month), settlements based on one invoice only and payments in PLN, which eliminates the risk associated with exchange rates.

In addition, our offer includes supporting services (accounting, reporting, human resources and payroll), which you can freely use, gaining a professional, proven and reliable accounting service for your company. OmniOffice is a state-of-the-art solution that allows you to fully focus on your business. We'll take care of the rest!

Warsaw Center - Offices for rent

The office is a key part of business operations. A good location means prestige and convenience in dealing with customers. OmniOffice relies on proven addresses. We offer office rental in comfortable buildings in Warsaw, or more precisely - the centre of the capital. Downtown is the best place for a company that wants to conquer the market.

Office rental - Warsaw Downtown

We guarantee high standard of service -whether by high standard you mean a modern skyscraper, aromatic coffee in the office or efficient document handling. Big advantage of our offices is the location - Warsaw Center. A good address is a guarantee that your business will be close to important industry events. 

Office rentals include large and small spaces. We have four locations that are well known and valued on the business map of the capital city. Renting the right office is a priority for us and Warsaw's downtown is an important district for a significant business.

Why OmniOffice choose to rent offices in the city center of Warsaw? A good location helps you run your business at the highest level. The excellent location means that contractors can get to the premises quickly for important meetings. A business in a prestigious location is more visible and attracts customers.

How do I find the right office to rent?

Warsaw Downtown is a part of the capital that entrepreneurs are interested in. OmniOffice has its office space here.  We are distinguished by professionalism and comprehensiveness of services. With us you will find a fulfilling office space for rent. Warsaw is the right address!

Small office for rent - Warsaw

OmniOffice addresses are not only meant for large companies. If your business requires a more cozy but nonetheless comfortable space, we have something special - a micro-office. Warsaw is a city where large and small companies do business. Prestigious addresses are not just reserved for corporations. A small office for rent in a good location is the answer to the needs of smaller business owners. OmniOffice guarantees addresses in the very centre of the capital city. We offer a fully furnished and functional micro office with access to whole modern equipment. Warsaw - we know this city well. Our experience helps us to meet your expectations. 

We invite you to take advantage of our offer!