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OmniOffice's bookkeeping offer is an opportunity to benefit from our partner's help on preferential terms. With a view to the highest quality of accounting services, which is necessary in the constantly changing legal regulations, we offer you the possibility of providing accounting services by an international company which is a business partner of OmniOffice.

The company has extensive experience in servicing both micro- and macro-enterprises – in the field of accounting services as well as personnel administration and payroll services. This kind of a planned, comprehensive service may significantly affect the effectiveness of your company and guarantee security related to tax settlements and accounting and personnel documents.

In order to submit a request for an offer for bookkeeping or human resources documents, please contact us at [email protected]
– we will send you an application form and we will send a completed form with a request to prepare a calculation.

Accounting & Reporting

  • Preparation of the chart of accounts and determination of accounting parameters specific for the Client;
  • Bookkeeping in accordance with the Accounting Act and Polish tax regulations;
  • Diligent formal and accounting verification of each source financial and accounting document in terms of compliance with tax regulations;
  • Calculation of PIT or CIT income taxes depending on the legal form of the company;
  • Keeping of records of purchases and sales for VAT purposes and preparing VAT returns;
  • Preparation and sending JPK_VAT files to the US (Tax Office);
  • Records of fixed assets and intangible assets;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to the requirements of the Accounting Act
  • Conducting all the company's affairs in relations with the tax office, including providing the required explanations, representing the company during tax audits and verification activities;
  • Preparation of management reports;
  • Informing whether the Customer is obligated to prepare documentation
  • Transfer of Pricing, or Intrastat or similar legal and tax requirements;


The cost of the service consists of the following elements:

  • One-time amount of 300 PLN for preparing a chart of accounts and setting parameters in a computer accounting system, if the accounting software of the previous office is compatible with the Optima software of Comarch.
  • For setting parameters in the computerized accounting system, if the accounting software of the previous office is not compatible with the Optima program of Comarch and for possible check or correction of the work of the previous accounting office: settlement at the hourly rate;
  • Monthly fee for accounting services, calculated on the basis of the number of documents; the accounting documentis, among others, an invoice, a bank statement item, a booking order, a demand for payment, confirmation of the balance, an exchange rate difference, etc. The fee is calculated on the basis of the number of documents. Documents downloaded into the accounting system are automatically counted as follows: 2 documents retrieved = 1 document.
  • Annual CIT declarations and financial statements in the amount of PLN 800


Bookkeeping services Price
Up to 30 documents a month PLN 600
Above 30 documents -  every 10 documents PLN 150
2 hours a month of tax and business advisory for the first 3 months PLN 0


HR and payroll services

  • Setting customized parameters in the HR and payroll system;
  • Comprehensive payroll service for the employment of employees (including application to ZUS);
  • Support in the procedure of obtaining a certificate of work ability and health and safety tests;
  • Preparation of employment contracts and contracts of mandate according to the specimens provided;
  • Preparation of payroll;
  • Settlement of working time (including overtime);
  • Settlement of holidays, sick leave;
  • Calculation of Client's obligations towards ZUS (Social Security Office) and US (Tax Office);
  • Informing the Client about upcoming dates of termination of contracts with employees;
  • Comprehensive payroll service at the end of the employment contracts;
  • Comprehensive maintenance of personnel documentation of employees in accordance with the applicable provisions of the labour law;
  • Preparation of periodic reports on: changes in the employment status, the number of used vacation leaves, sickness absence, validity dates of OHS training, certificates of ability to work;
  • Handling of external inspections, including those from ZUS (Social Security Office), PIP (National Labour Inspectorate);
  • Preparation of tax returns PIT-4R, PIT-8AR;
  • Preparation of annual income information PIT-11, IFT-1R, PIT-8C;
  • Drawing up a PFRON (State Fund For The Rehabilitation of the Disabled) declaration.

All prices are net prices and do not include VAT (23%).

Personnel and payroll
The cost of HR and payroll services consists of the following elements:

  • PLN 0 for accepting the company, for preparing the database of employees and setting parameters in the computerised HR and payroll system;
  • Monthly fee for HR and payroll services, calculated on the basis of the number of employees (table below);
  • Annual fee for annual income information PIT-11, IFT-1R, PIT8C - 50PLN/piece.
HR and payroll services Price
The human resources and payroll service of the employee with the employment contract PLN  70
The human resources and payroll service of the employee with civil law agreement PLN 50
One-of charges PLN 0
The admission/dismissal of the employee PLN 35

Additional services:

The company also offers additional services (e. g. correction of the work of the previous accounting office, GUS (Central Statistical Office) declarations, legal opinions, tax opinions, reports to the National Bank of Poland). The cost of such services is always calculated based on the number of hours spent on a given service and the following hourly rates of Specialists. Before the service is provided, the Customer receives a quotation for approval.

  • Senior Consultant – 200 PLN/h;
  • Consultant – 120 PLN/h;
  • In-house Lawyer – 400 PLN/h
  • In-house Tax Advisor – 400 PLN/h.